Worst line-up ever

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Post  loper on Tue Jul 01, 2008 5:33 pm

CinnamonGirl wrote:
jackethead wrote:I really hope MMJ pull off a cracking show - it's a great opportunity for them to win a lot of new fans - Neil's audience are theirs for the taking ....

i saw them in Bristol last week and they were awesome. I suspect they'll drop some of the slower, atmospheric stuff for an hour's outdoor festival show.

These guys are headlining Madison Square Garden on New Year's Eve - and we get to see them in little clubs ....

Miss them at your loss,


Absolutely, the Bristol gig was amazing..I'm sure they will gain a lot more fans after Sunday!

It might be an idea for MMJ to rejig their current tour setlist and forget promoting the new album. With NY fans in the majority, I'm sure that playing numbers from the 1st 3 albums would go down a storm. (It Beats 4 U/Lay Low/Dondante/Sec Walking being honourable exceptions of course!)


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Worst line-up ever - Page 2 Empty Worst line up

Post  Wunty on Thu Jul 03, 2008 5:59 pm

The debate is obviously won.

However, no mention of Rufus, it's not just a warm up to NY, Rufus and Guillimots both awesome me off. I think I'm gona have a fine fine day.


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