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Post  Bloodfart on Sun Jul 06, 2008 8:01 pm

Alexi wrote:
jimbhoy wrote:
Admin wrote:This year's line-up so far is Neil Young headlining with Primal Scream beneath him. Any updates will be posted here. Let your feelings known!
the line up is beginning to look good,but to be honest its all about neil young for me,,we are travelling from scotland so really looking forward to getting awaY AND SEEING NEIL YOUNG AGAIN THIS YEAR, i know it will be a great day and the other bands will be great to,would love to see someone like neil casal added to the bill giving it a bit more of a country feel to it although alt country at that

Good idea & would be nice to see but as a Kent resident & HUGE Neil Young fan i doubt it will happen.
The Hop Farm tries it's best to make money & i dont think this would happen with an alt county line up.
Supergrass - while good live - are an indie pop group & Primal Scream arent exactly country are they?
Id expect to see other 'commercial' bands playing & maybe Pegi Young supporting.
BTW - saw Neil at Hammersmith Odeon on 15/3 and it was AWESOME! Cant wait to go to this though afro
i bet you any money you like it will be the same as all his large festival appearances, 30,000 old hippies all singing along and clapping their hands out of time with the music when he isn't singing, a total waste of 50 and fuel to get there i definitely will not be there. i saw him at the Apollo and thank god he told the old hippies to shut the fk up as it was being recorded. was a nice intimate gig for a change. i can't think of anything worse than paying that sort of cash to see Neil young only to not hear him because you always end up surrounded by idiots who think you paid and travelled to listen to them clapping and singing! It's bound to be a terrible experience, and he hasn't even changed the set list that much throughout the whole tour which in my opinion is just lazy. keep on rocking in the free world...BORING!!!!!! My advice is avoid at all cost and save your money!!!!!


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